We Are

In the infancy of the e-cigarette industry, Buckshot Vapors Inc. Co-Founders Greg and Alena quickly took notice of the positive results that many former smokers were having by switching to vaping. Feeling unsatisfied by the e-juices that were on the market at the time, the couple made the decision to create their own superior, distinct flavors that were each enjoyable “all-day-vapes.” Through this creative process, they discovered that not only were they capable of making exceedingly delicious, premium e-juices, but that they greatly enjoyed the practice of artfully developing each flavor, eventually culminating in the establishment of Buckshot Vapors in 2013.   

Realizing that the reception of these initial e-juices was unparalleled within the industry, Greg and Alena decided to develop another line, but by this time, their vision had progressed; rather than following the models set forth by the handful of other successful juice-makers in the industry, the duo strived to manufacture something that would shatter the mold. Infusing Greg’s life-long passion for the Southern California skate culture, Alena’s love of the punk rock music scene, and their ever-evolving role in the vaping industry, the couple produced a new breed of e-juice: Time Bomb Vapors. Much like its predecessor, Time Bomb was lauded by every type of vaper, from beginners to hobbyists, and quickly developed a strong following within the vaping market. Despite the rapidly-changing nature of the industry and trends that seem to pass as quickly as they appear, both lines continue to thrive after 3 years on the market, having successfully created and maintained a strong domestic and international presence within the community. Since then the duo has also released Clutch Vapors and Time Bomb Limited. Buckshot Vapors MFG now manufactures and distributes several other lines.